Fishing Ramsgate

Scattering of Ashes at Sea


If your loved one worked, played on or simply had a love of the sea

you might be considering Scattering their Ashes at Sea.

We can take your party of up to 8 persons  from Ramsgate where you can Scatter the ashes in a quiet & dignified


Please ensure all items (wreaths etc) that are to accompany the

Ashes are biodegradable.


We also offer a service where we will Scatter the Ashes

unaccompanied. Just get the Ashes to us and we will Scatter

them in a dignified way. We will then send you a card giving the

date & position that the Scattering took place. We will dispose of

the urn upon return to Ramsgate.


Please contact us for a quote and dates available.