Fishing Ramsgate

Scattering of Ashes at Sea


If your loved one worked, played on or simply had a love of the sea

you might be considering Scattering their Ashes at Sea.

We can take your party of up to 10 persons offshore from

Ramsgate where you can Scatter the Ashes in a quiet & dignified


We will give you time to say your farewells & upon leaving

the boat we will give you a card with the date & position where

the Ashes were Scattered.

Please ensure all items (wreaths etc) that are to accompany the

Ashes are biodegradable.


We also offer a service where we will Scatter the Ashes

unaccompanied. Just get the Ashes to us and we will Scatter

them in a dignified way. We will then send you a card giving the

date & position that the Scattering took place. We will dispose of

the urn upon return to Ramsgate.


Please contact us for a quote and dates available.